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Cookies DOES NOT use any cookies and does not incorporate any third party services that may use cookies.

I did my best to remove all cookies, even the technical ones.

If you find a cookie still left somewhere, please let me know at

p h o t o . g a l e o t t i @ g m a i l . c o m

and I'll remove it!



Personal Data does not sell anything and has no forms to fill, no social gadgets to click, no Ads...

All you can do on is navigate the site and download photos.


The only information that is collected is raw standard access log data.

This data includes information like your IP address, the pages you visited, the referral pages (where you came from), the time of each page visit, your browser and your operating system.

This is done by the WEB HOSTING and made available to me through the control panel of the hosting itself.

To the best of my knowledge it cannot be turned off, otherwise I would!


The logs at my disposal are not archived and are deleted once a day.

Because of this only a few hours of data may actually be available, depending on time of day.

I will never use this data for any purpose unless required for legal proceedings.


Safety precautions are in place to avoid the loss of log data, it's incorrect use or anauthorised access.




For any questions about this privacy policy or anything else you can contact me, Giorgio Galeotti, at:

p h o t o . g a l e o t t i @ g m a i l . c o m


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